A Liquid industrial waste solidifyer

Directional drilling and microtunneling

Drill mud are wastes and regulated in many jurisdictions. When mud is solidified on site and tested clean, it can be easily relocated without becoming a waste. This offers wider variety of  disposal options as a solid material.


Dries tunnel spoils immediately reducing the surface operational footprint. Direct to beneficial re-use options as clean, dry fill. Low dosage to solidify means less transportation and lower cost.

Excavations and storm water ponds

Dump sites for hydro excavation mud are scarce and costly. Onsite solidification makes mud disposal less of an effort. Dry up quickly for beneficial re-use opportunities. Small operational footprint with low dosage requirements.


MetaFLO has a wide variety of municipal applications including wastewater sludge. Removal of water-based paints, concrete cuttings, sand washing spoils and wet excavated soils.

How MetaFLO works

MetaFLO has developed a process that solidifies liquid industrial waste streams in a matter of minutes. The process includes a patented, high volume mixing unit that facilitates the addition of a powdered formulation of absorptive materials to meet environmental solids criteria and stabilize metals and hydrocarbons. The process can be applied as a mobile waste processing unit or in-situ for high volume continuous batch waste streams.


The conventional method for dealing with liquid waste is to use expensive vacuum trucks to capture the liquid waste and transport it to a transfer station where suspended solids are separated from the water and mixed with sawdust, woodchips or pulp waste to meet landfill solids criteria. This can create as much as 300% more waste volume. In addition, there are significant transportation costs – both financial and environmental. MetaFLO has developed a solution that addresses all these areas.

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