Rescuing Lapland’s bird paradise in Kemijärvi

We helped to clean a former paper mill area in Kemijärvi. Area is commonly known as a local bird habitat. Using a suction dredge method more than 300 000 cubics of contaminated soil will be processed and removed together with Vesirakennus Ojanen Oy.

A massive and encvironmentally remarkable renovation project started 2019 summer and it can be accomplished also during the icy winter time.

Geotubes to the rescue

After dredging the soil will be stored into Geotube. From the tubes the clear water will be recycled to the same dredging pool.

Delicate bird paradise will not be harmed

The are is known as an Eastern Lapland bird solastice for numerous species especially during the migration times. The contaminated sediment is tightly layered in the bottom of the lake. There is a huge population of birds which has not been destracted by the operation, on the contrary.

Observing the local birds, it seems that water is already very clear. Even the Red-throated diver (Kaakkuri in finnish) is enjoying the time on the pool says local bird expert  Pirkka Aalto.

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