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TenCate Geotube® technology helps to dewater and contain contaminated sediments in rivers, bays, harbors, marinas, ports, dock facilities, hydro basins and other waterways.

Consultancy and Coordination

Arman provides environmental expertise across the full lifecycle of our client’s projects. We help to understand environmental impacts and to manage efficiently even the most challenging projects, big or small.

BioCord Reactors

Bishopwater BioCord® Reactor is an advanced way to provide enhanced waste water treatment with lowest in the market operational cost.


MetaFLO’s technology, mobilized to the generator site, turns liquid waste into a stackable solid. It will reduce your current cost of managing liquid waste, improve safety at your site, reduce risk and liability and significantly reduce the environmental impact of your activity.


ClariPhos is a game-changing phosphorus removal technology that dramatically outperforms alum- or ferric-based coagulants.

News, stories and events

Water treatment plant in City of Turku

Hydraulic dredging of sediments was required from an inlet settling basin at water treatment plant. Over time the basin had...
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Gallsträsk lake renewal in Kauniainen

Gallträsk Lake in Kauniainen recreational area was in critical condition.  The quality of water has deteriorated into almost hazardous level...
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Rescuing Lapland’s bird paradise in Kemijärvi

We helped to clean a former paper mill area in Kemijärvi. Area is commonly known as a local bird habitat....
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Full project life cycle

360° Consulting

  • Research and testing
  • Project design and planning
  • Project management
  • Logistics and materials

We offer full service from advisory to hands on management. What ever your environmental challenge is, we are there to help.

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