Bishopwater BioCord

Simple, low-energy nutrient removal

Lower capital and operational cost

Biocord reactors have a capital and operational cost that is considerably less than current market solutions. This makes it for example affordable to communities with limited budgets.

Efficient and simple to operate

A modular BioCord system can be easily installed in steps. It’s easy to operate and will take up a much smaller footprint than alternatives.

Meet the regulations

Biocord will help you to meet the local standards and regulations. In some cases of out dated facilities the system can be retrofitted without remarkable modernization project.

Safe and natural process

Biocord will biologically remove nutrients. It allows symbiotic layers of different bacteria to develop, mirroring the process that occurs in nature. BioCord can safely treat polluted water in oceans, rivers, lakes, as well as from municipal and industrial sources.

What is a BioCord reactor

  • Simple, easy-to-operate fixed-film biological treatment system
  • Densely packed loops of polymer fibres provide optimal conditions for beneficial bacteria
  • High oxygen transfer from Integrated micro-bubble aeration system, powered by low-energy compressors
  • Proven to provide robust and reliable nutrient removal even at temperature as low as 1°C

Ideal applications

Ideal for many upgrade and new-build applications including:


  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Agriculture
  • Food processing
  • Breweries, wineries
  • Mining
  • Leachate
  • High-strength industrial wastewater

BioCord advantages

  • Affordable: Low CAPEX/OPEX vs. alternatives

  • Reliable: Superior performance in cold-weather and high-loading conditions

  • Efficient: High oxygen transfer and nutrient removal

  • Customizable and Scalable: Install in virtually any secondary treatment process. Easily add reactors as treatment needs change

  • Easy to operate: Little operator oversight needed

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