A rare earth coagulant

Exceptional efficiency

ClariPhos™ Rare Earth Coagulant is a game-changing phosphorus removal technology that dramatically outperforms alum- or ferric-based coagulants.

Up to 50% less sludge

ClariPhos forms a tight preferential bond with phosphorus, which means far less coagulant is needed to achieve regulatory requirements—typically 30 to 70% dose reduction over alternatives.

Low acidity

ClariPhos is 100 times less acidic than alum- or ferric-based coagulants and is typically dosed at a much lower rate. That means it is far less likely to lower pH of the wastewater system and require pH adjustment with alkaline chemicals.

Operational and economic benefts

Low freeze temperature (-40°C); eliminating the need for heated storage and pipe heat tracing. Non-hazardous rating; safer to handle than alum- or ferric-based coagulants. Sludge is suitable for land application – rare earth elements have low toxicity and are not bioavailable to plants

Exceptional cleantech product

A new coagulant technology made with rare earth elements, lanthanum and cerium. Enables rapid and stable precipitation of phosphorus. ClariPHOS offers a simple, affordable way to reduce phosphorus in treated effluent by simply replacing conventional alum- or ferric-based coagulants. Wastewater plants could achieve stringent phosphorus limits without spending millions for tertiary filtration equipment and associated ongoing operating costs.

Efficient and easy to use

ClariPhos has a low freeze temperature -40°C  which eliminates heated storage or pipe heat tracing.

It’s 100*less acidic than Al or Fe coagulants and less likely to affect pH and require adjustment. With non-hazardous rating, safer to handle than Al- or Fe-based coagulants.

It inhibits struvite buildup. ClariPhos equipped municipal plants repeatedly pass whole effluent toxicity testing at 100% effluent concentration.

ClariPhos is compatible with most chemical phosphorus reduction systems. It replaces common Al or Fe coagulants. Small adjustments to dose location or mixing may be beneficial to ClariPhos performance.

Significant savings

Wastewater plants that have switched to RE coagulant have realized significant savings in several areas. 

ClariPhos eliminates costs of adding tertiary filtration systems. It delivers clarifier performance and capacity.  Sludge production will be reduced by 30-70% and sludge dewaterability is improved by up to 40%. 

It reduces or eliminates the need for pH adjustment chemicals, inhibs formation of struvite and eliminates the need for heated storage and piping.

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