Gallsträsk lake renewal in Kauniainen

Gallträsk Lake in Kauniainen recreational area was in critical condition.  The quality of water has deteriorated into almost hazardous level and making the area’s only lake nearly un usable for recreational outdoor activities.

The dredge was pumped into Tencate Geotube and left to dry. Purifyed water was recycled and pumped back to the lake.  Dry soil was recycled and used on various plant arrangements on local constuction areas,  skiing center and so on. The field that contained the Geotube assembly now has a actively used children’s play ground.

A project with instant impact on the people’s lives

A daily user of recreational area Mikko J. Salminen  says that the biggest change is the increased depth of the lake.

“Now it’s possible to swim and sail on the lake with small boats. After the renovation the daily visitor amount has increased remarkably into more than swimming hall of Kauniainen”

The renovation project has not been noted to cause any harm to the recreational users or local habitat.

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