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Research and testing

First priority is to know the scale and quality of disposable materials. We use drilling together with sophisticated sampling methods to analyze the quality of the materials. Probing can be used to measure the scope of any size project. Most importantly gathered samples will go through a variery of laboratory testing. 

Our in house laboratory, proven methods, necessary products and more than 15 years of experience will ensure the best and guaranteed results. Meticulous testing and calculations will serve as a back bone for project planning and field operations. On location pilot testing is also a viable option, if considered necessary.

Project design and planning

Sample testing and results will create a project roadmap along with selected methods. This will make efficient project planning possible and also the recycling or end use of waste can be determined. The scope and detaileness of planning will vary according to location specific features and client budget. What ever the need, we’ll help you to achieve the best possible outcome within a set budget and time.

Every project will consist a comprehensive product cost along with material estimates.

Project management

With us every project will have a full technical support, resourcing and management of sub contractors. 

Logistics and materials

All the project related materials will be delivered by us. As a turn key solution we’ll handle all logistics related task. In order to tackle even the most demanding challenges we have a network of industry’s most trusted environmental innovators and product developers.

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