TenCate GeoClean

Cleaning runoff water from the soil

Urban streets

Permeable streets with oil treatment beneath for a sustainable urban stormwater management and prevention of ground contamination.

Car parks & logistic areas

Retain hydrocarbon pollution from car parks. Make sure hydrocarbon pollution is retained immediately where the rain falls with our TenCate GeoClean® aquatextile solutions.

Private driveways

Infiltrate directly clean water in your garden with our GeoClean® aquatextile solutions and preserve this natural & clean resource for your family.

Service stations

During both storage and transfer, a small fraction of unburned fuel is typically released to the environment unless pollution prevention technology is used.

How aquatextile works

An aquatextile is a technical textile that manages water quality in the soil. This material is specified to catch and treat the hydrocarbon pollution that infiltrates the underground and degrades the water quality by polluting soils and aquifers.

Our innovation offers a sustainable, autonomous and maintenance-free solution to manage stormwater in quantity and quality allowing an instananeous infiltration of clean water.

What is GeoClean aquatextile

TenCate GeoClean® is a bicolour two-layer aquatextile with a unique structure that naturally traps and biodegrades oil from runoff water to protect aquifers and ensures that only clean water infiltrates the natural soil.

The TenCate GeoClean® aquatextile retains diffuse hydrocarbon load, releases the growth activator and boosts microorganisms to biodegrade hydrocarbons.

In addition it works as a moisture reserve for the microbiota life and An additional oil retention capacity (in case of accidental spills) followed by gradual biodegradation.

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